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Depending on how you look at the pandemic, it was either a blessing or a curse. For TI:ME it was a blessing - just like it was for the majority of the undiscovered artists. Covid-19 allowed many artists to promote their latest music to a stay-at-home audience for almost 12 consecutive months.

With that in mind, TI:ME and his team (Green Money) began planning video shoots, studio time and most importantly getting it out to the world. In late November 2020 TI:ME released his first official single "She Bad", which generated quite the buzz in American market strip clubs.

Not slowing down and looking to capitalize off the momentum - TI:ME then released his second single entitled "Smoke". Based on his current Youtube views and streams this would serve to be his biggest single to date. Looking self-assured in a well-directed video, you can begin to see the future that may be in store for the Toronto emcee.

Off to a good start for 2021 and not slowing down - TI:ME released his third single "Realize" on May 15th. Currently, the audio is available on all major streaming platforms - with a the official video on the way. After the visual release of "Realize", TI:ME is confident the city of Toronto will be officially be put on notice that it's his time now.


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